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Practical assignment 4

P4 – Evaluate the teaching and learning approaches and effectiveness of resources, for your observed session. Evaluate how your session met the needs of individual learners.

Mortar board iconTask Notes: This task is assessed by a written submission of two parts. You will have completed your microteach when you write this submission.

First you will use your evaluation of your delivered session in P3 to write about the teaching and learning approaches you used and the effectiveness of the resources.

For the second part of the written task you should evaluate how you managed to meet the needs of the learner group.

You should wait until you have received Forms 1.6 (the observer report) and 1.8 (peer group evaluation) and personally completed 1.7 (an evaluation of your strengths, development needs and action plan)* before you write your task submission.

*You are advised to look at P5 before your start working on this task.

Teaching and learning approaches and resources

"The key purpose of the teacher is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners." LLUK (2007).

This link will give you some ideas linked to the 10 pedagogical approaches aimed to motivate, engage and support learners:

Did you manage to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning during your microteach?

Review the teaching and learning approaches you used. Did you select approaches which took account of and respected learner differences or did you deliver your session on the basis of how you prefer to learn?

Your teaching approaches should have included (among others) strategies which:

  • Introduced the session, consolidated learning and summarised the learning.
  • Included two or more teaching methods with opportunities for both teacher led and learner centred activities.
  • Made sure learners were aware of the objectives.
  • Valued learners as individuals.
  • Promoted effective classroom management.
  • Maintained a consistency of approach.
  • Showed your interest in learners’ previous achievements or experiences, with opportunities for personal anecdotes (yours or theirs).
  • Showed you were listening and responding to the learners’ ideas and were prepared to adapt your plan if necessary.
  • Evidenced your personal enthusiasm for the subject and for your teaching.
  • Used resources which aided the consolidation of learning and/or gave opportunities for application of new knowledge/skills.

Meeting Individual Needs

To evaluate how you managed to meet the needs of the learner group, you could consider the following questions:

  • Did I check for any individual needs, which might have limited a learner’s full participation in the session?
  • Did I accommodate all learning styles?
  • Did I take into account that learners learn at different rates and give support to the slower learners?
  • Did I go back over instructions, explanations etc to allow the learners to consolidate the knowledge or skill?
  • Did I recognise learners who needed to work at a greater pace?
  • Did I group learners effectively for the tasks?
  • Did I plan collaborative and individual tasks?
  • Did I use an appropriate variety of questioning skills?
  • Were my questions tailored to the ability levels of the learners?
  • Did I use straightforward language and rephrase where learners did not appear to understand?
  • Did I listen carefully so that I actually heard what the learners were saying?

Your evaluation of your session should not just be based on your own thoughts and feelings about how effective it was. You should also take into account what the observer thought and how your peers felt about their participation in this learning process.


LLUK (2007) online at

Quick start guide online at

Brain IconTopics to research/review:


  • See P3 for topics relevant to the microteach.

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