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P3 Activity 3   

Pen in hand IconTips for Your Microteaching


Make sure you include:

  • Some input from you & some activity for the group to do.
  • Use of whiteboard or flip chart or OHP or Powerpoint.
  • at least one handout/worksheet.
  • an assessment activity (mini-quiz? You observing their work?).
  • an evaluation form you have designed yourself.

It must last about 30 minutes (have a rehearsal!).

You should rearrange the room to make it as suitable as possible.

Use the Session Plan in the manual (Form 4) to plan your microteaching, and Form 5 to evaluate your session plan and Form 7 to evaluate the teaching itself afterwards.  Your “class members” will complete a Form 8 and give it to you.

You may be able to “check prior learning” with the group beforehand, and tell them about anything you need them to bring, any special clothing etc. Don’t forget to let your tutor know which resources you need.


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