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P4 Activity

Pen in hand IconTo assist the evaluation of your microteach, you may like to design a form and ask your peers to complete in addition to Form 1.8      Here are a few tips about this.


Instead of a closed question eg:

Did you enjoy the session?     Yes/No

use questions which are more appropriate such as:

Please rate the effectiveness of the teaching methods:

Very good    Good     Average     Ineffective    Very ineffective

What other questions you ask depends on what you’d like feedback on, but here are some possibilities:

Was the pace of the course....

Too slow?        just right?         Too fast?

Which topic did you find the most difficult?
…. The most relevant ?
…. The most enjoyable ?

Teaching methods
Too tutor-led   about right   not enough tutor guidance
Too much discussion   about right    not enough discussion


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