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Theory assignment 6

T6 – Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain.

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There are 2 parts to this task.

The first part of the task is to identify the records you would maintain in your teaching role.

The second part of the task is to justify the need for keeping records.

After you have read these notes, have a go at the activities and weblinks.

Record Keeping

Record keeping is often thought to be the tedious part of teaching – sometimes too much paperwork for a couple of hours in the classroom – but maintaining effective and accurate records is a very important part of a teacher’s role.

Think about the records you have to keep; it may help to list them under subject/teaching records; organisation records and regulatory/awarding body records.

In T1 you looked at the roles, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to the teaching cycle and it might help you to think about records in this way as well. For example, when listing the records for ‘identifying needs’ consider those you need to keep for your teaching file, the records required by your organisation and any records for the regulatory/awarding body.

Your list may include some of the following records (all courses and organisations’ requirements will be different so don’t worry if you only keep a couple of these) - course application form; skills check results; Individual Learning Plan; disability disclosure; Learning Support referral; learner agreement; learning styles checks; copies of examination results (if there is an entry requirement); pre-course written task; report from initial interview; learner profile etc.

After you have completed a list for each stage of the teaching cycle you need to think why these records are kept – the task asks you to justify the need for keeping records so by asking yourself why do I keep these records and what would happen if I didn’t, you will be starting to justify the need.

Some records are mandatory for all organisations and some have to be kept for legal reasons – do you know which ones? Also, do you know the requirements under the Data Protection Act 1998 with regard to student records? Check with your line manager or tutor if you are not sure.

Brain IconTopics to research/review:

You now need to consider the following through research and further reading:

  • Record keeping.
  • Data Protection Act 1998.

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