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Theory assignment 5

T5 Evaluate a range of ways to embed elements of Functional Skills, in your specialist area.

Mortar board iconTask Notes: To be able to complete this task you need to know what Functional Skills are, so look at the following weblink –  one quote from the website is shown below:

‘Functional skills are essential skills in English, mathematics and ICT that enable everyone to deal with the practical problems and challenges of life – at home, in education and at work. They are essential to all our lives. For example, they help us recognise good value deals when making purchases, in writing an effective application letter, or when using the internet to access local services or online banking. They are about using English, mathematics and ICT in everyday situations’.

‘This means that functional skills are;

  • real skills
  • for real audiences
  • for real purposes’.

(QCA online undated).

After you have read these notes, have a go at the activities and weblinks.

Embedding Functional Skills

Although functional skills are being offered as stand alone qualifications for 14-19 year old learners and some adult learners, they can also be embedded in adult programmes in one of four ways:

Discrete: taught and assessed by functional skills specialists as a separate topic from the main area of learning.

Partly embedded: taught by functional skills specialists and applied in a flexible way within the main programme of training or study.

Mostly embedded: taught by functional skills specialists with reinforcement and application through a range of purposeful contexts developed and applied across the programme.

Fully embedded: taught, developed and applied across the learning programme by all teachers using naturally occurring opportunities for functional skill development.

(adapted from the Functional Skills Support Programme accessed online at Functional skills in my centre.pdf PDF Icon)

Generic teachers (not Skills for Life specialists), delivering on fully embedded programmes will need to identify opportunities for embedding functional skills within their teaching sessions.

Have a look at this web page and select some ‘settings’ to explore for embedded learning material. After you have done this for a range of settings think about how you could embed functional skills in your own specialist area.

To complete the task for T5 you are required to evaluate a range of ways to embed elements of functional skills, so when you have thought about how you could embed them in a way that your learners can demonstrate them in everyday life, you need to evaluate your choices – perhaps you could write about how useful you think embedding would be; which methods of embedding would be the most effective; whether you think learners would benefit from embedded skills and if so, in what way.

You should try to mention all 3 functional skills  - although it may be difficult to embed all the skills within some subject areas –  if this is the case, make sure you explain it in your task submission.


Embedded learning portal

Functional Skills Support Programme Functional skills in my centre.pdf PDF Icon

Functional skills

Brain IconTopics to research/review:

You now need to consider the following through research and further reading:

  • Functional skills.
  • Standards for functional skills.
  • Embedding strategies .

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