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Theory assignments

Before you start the theory tasks try this activity to check whether you can remember the 10 pedagogy approaches (or teaching strategies), which have been shown to have a significant impact on learning.

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  Theory tasks

KEY to icons used in tasks

  Mortar board icon These notes and presentations are designed to introduce you to each assessment task.  Read these before moving on to the activities.
  Brain Icon

Look out for the icon which indicates topics you need to reflect on through research and further reading before completing the assessment task.

  Pen in hand Icon Work through the activities.  Make sure you save your work by copying and pasting onto your computer.
  SmartScreen icon If you have a Smartscreen password, access these additional resources from City & Guilds.
  PC icon Click on this link to find out what you need to complete for the assessment.
  Web icon Use these weblinks for referencing and further reading.


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