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Referencing your work

Below is some detailed guidance about how to apply the Harvard system to different types of reference:


Single author:

  • In the assignment: (Curzon, 1991).
  • In the bibliography: Curzon L B; (1991) Teaching in Further Education: An outline of principles and practice, Cassell.

Two authors:

  • In the assignment: (Reece and Walker, 2000).
    In the bibliography: Reece I and Walker S; (2000) Teaching, training and learning: a practical guide, Business Education Publishers Ltd.

More than two authors:

  • In the assignment: (Graham et al, 2000).
  • In the bibliography: Graham D, McNeil J & Pettiford L (2000), The Untangled Web: developing teaching on the Internet, Kogan Page.

A single author’s chapter in an edited collection:

  • In the assignment: (Bolam, 1986).
  • In the bibliography: Bolam R (1986) ‘Conceptualising in-service training’ in Hopkins D (ed) In-service Training and Educational Development: an institutional survey, London, Croom-Helm.

If a book has more than one edition, indicate which edition you have used for the references.

Direct quotes should include a page number after the year in the assignment: (Curzon 1991:236)

Articles in journals

Single author:

  • In the assignment: (Kotter, 1989).
  • In the bibliography: Kotter J (1989) ‘What leaders really do’, Harvard Business Review, 67 (3), pp 103-111.

(The conventions for joint and multiple authorship of articles are as indicated above).

Government publications

  • In the assignment: (DfEE, 1999).
  • In the references: DfEE (1999) Circular 17/99: Report on Pupils’ Achievements at Key Stage 4 and Beyond, London DfEE.

Internet Sources

Web page

Dawson J., Smith L., Deubert, K., & Grey-Smith S (2002), ‘S’ Trek 6: Referencing, not plagiarism. Retrieved: October 31, 2002 from

Web page (no author)

Leafy seadragons and weedy seadragons 2001, Retrieved: November 13th, 2002 from

Web page (no date)

Curtin University of Technology (n.d.) Retrieved: October 16, 2002, from


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