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Presenting your work

  • Use A4 paper for your assignments, and put your name and the question number in the header plus page numbers in the footer. Use double-spacing and leave wide margins all round to allow your tutor space to comment on your work.
  • Assignments should be word-processed in order to demonstrate your professional abilities linked to ILT (work that is not word-processed cannot be marked at Level 4). Please consult your tutor immediately if there are special circumstances that prevent you meeting this requirement.
  • Appendices may be used where appropriate. Clear reference should be made to them within the body of the text indicating how they contribute to the point you are making. Do not use course notes as appendices.
  • If submitting a draft assignment, please use email and mark your submission as a draft.  Your tutor will only comment on one draft assignment for each theory question. Final submissions should be submitted to your course tutor by email unless agreed otherwise.  If submitting a hard copy of an individual task, please do not submit it in a folder or binder. These can cause considerable problems in assignment postage at subsequent stages. Either place your work in a single plastic wallet or staple your word-processed document together and attach appendices securely.  Don't forget to state the word count.
  • You are strongly advised to keep an electronic copy of an assignment before you submit it to your tutor.  You can normally expect to receive it back within two weeks of your tutor receiving it as long as it is submitted on time.
  • When presenting a resubmission by hard copy, include the original assignment plus its feedback sheet.  You do not need to resubmit referred work if you are submitting by email.


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