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Guidelines to help you write your assignments

  • Don’t rush, allow time to plan and write the assignment, keep a notebook with you to record any thoughts, ideas from other people, references you can research etc.
  • Think of the theme and how it relates to your own teaching situation or a situation you have experienced as a learner.
  • Jot some thoughts down on paper, perhaps as a list, a spider diagram, mind map, or flow chart.
  • Research and collect some relevant articles, texts, books, data or resources. Make sure that you note any reference details – see section on ‘Referencing your Work’.
  • Write a first draft – this only needs to be some jotted thoughts, even just key words. Make sure that you have included all the ideas that you want to consider and check that you have understood the assignment criteria.
  • Rewrite the draft expressing those ideas in cohesive sentences. It is a good idea to double-space your work to allow for comments. The preferred font is Arial 12.
  • Read the draft, offer it to a peer, mentor or friend for their comments. These could be about content, grammar or style. Does it fulfil the length criterion / word count? Don’t make it too detailed, you will be expected to refine your ideas and thoughts to the appropriate level within the specified word count. Check that you have used the right vocabulary/jargon and that any legislation or codes of practice are correctly titled and dated.
  • Edit and re-write the draft, use spell and grammar check. Don’t forget to compile a bibliography.
  • Make sure the pages are numbered and that your name is on your work. Check that it is all clear, logical and relevant and has an introduction, main section and a conclusion.

Now read the additional guidelines for ‘Presenting your Work’.

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