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Assignment Marking Policy

All assignments must be submitted to your tutor by the due date. At the start of the course your tutor will give you details of the hand in dates for each assignment and for your finished portfolio.

Assignments should be sent to your tutor by email or handed in at an agreed location or sent by post. Draft assignments should be sent by email.  Tutors will usually only comment on one draft submission prior to the final submission for each assignment.

Word count guidance is only advisory although you should aim to keep within 10% of the total stated.  Your tutor will advise whether your assignment is of an appropriate length.

Marked assignments, with written feedback, will be returned to you within 2 weeks of the hand in date unless agreed otherwise.  If the assignment is submitted late, your tutor may not be able to keep to this schedule and will return the work by an identified date.

An assignment meeting the criteria and standard required will be awarded a Pass.

An assignment meeting some but not all of the criteria or not reaching the required standard will be Referred for further development.  Feedback will be given to support that development.  A resubmission date will be set.

An assignment not submitted or resubmitted by the due date because of difficulties affecting your study may be Deferred

The deferral must be requested in writing, identifying the difficulties, and agreed with the Course LeaderA new hand in date will be agreed at the time of the deferral. Deferrals should only be requested for valid medical or personal reasons and should be supported by evidence where appropriate.

If a candidate seeks two or more deferrals or submits assignments late on two or more occasions, that candidate may not be able to achieve the qualification during the current year.

An assignment not meeting the criteria or standard required by the final course assessment completion date will be awarded a Fail.


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